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Learning to code: Why is JavaScript so popular?

If you want to learn programming, the question naturally arises as to which language you should choose. There are many different options from Python, to Java, to Swift. However, it is also very popular to learn JavaScript. This language is widely used and is also becoming more and more important. However, the following question often arises: Why is JavaScript so popular? In this article, we present the most important features of this programming language and explain why it is used so often.

How popular is JavaScript?

When it comes to assessing the popularity of a programming language, it is useful to look at the various indices that provide information about the frequency of use. One way to do this is with the RedMonk Programming Language Ranking. If you open this link, you will see that JavaScript appeared in first place in January 2022. This already shows how popular the language is and how often it is used. That's why a lot of people want to learn JavaScript.

However, there are many other indices dedicated to the popularity of different programming languages. Since it is impossible to capture all programs that are created with a programming language, these surveys use different methods to draw conclusions about usage. These range from an evaluation of the search queries on Google for the respective programming languages to an analysis of the projects on GitHub, a popular platform for programmers. While JavaScript does not always come out on top, this language almost always lands in one of the top spots. This shows that JavaScript is indeed one of the most popular programming languages.

Learn JavaScript and benefit from a wide range of applications

Now that we have shown how popular JavaScript is, the question remains as to why this is so. The main reason for this is the wide range of possible applications of this language.

JavaScript for frontend web development

The original use of JavaScript is to design web pages with dynamic elements. This is how you turn a static HTML page that doesn't allow interaction into a dynamic portal that adapts the content exactly to the visitor's input. If you are learning JavaScript, front-end web development is one of the most important areas of application. This is also one of the main reasons for the enormous popularity of JavaScript. In the field of dynamic frontend web development, this language is practically without alternative. Therefore, there is hardly a site that exists without JavaScript. Since there are many millions of websites worldwide, JavaScript is used extremely frequently.

Knowledge of JavaScript is not only important if you want to design websites yourself, it is also important for many office jobs to have some basic knowledge in this area. For example, you can take care of the Internet presence in your company, and use your expertise profitably in this way.

Multiple JavaScript frameworks for further applications

Another reason for the high popularity of this language are the increasingly extensive JavaScript frameworks. This is a programming framework that allows the programming language to be used for other tasks for which it was not originally intended. One such example is Node.js. This makes it possible to execute JavaScript outside of the web browser. This offers many new application possibilities. Node.js is used particularly often for programming web servers. Another important JS framework is React. With it you can not only design single dynamic pages, but a complete website with diverse content. Another interesting JavaScript framework is Apache Cordova. With it you can create smartphone apps. For this, the well-known web technologies are used in addition to JavaScript, also HTML and CSS. In addition, there are many other JS frameworks that allow further applications for this language. If you learn JavaScript, there are countless possibilities open to you.

Learning JavaScript via an app especially easily.h

If you want to learn programming, it is worthwhile to complete a JavaScript tutorial. However, there is still the question of which method is best for you to choose. At Code Pirate, we offer you an app for learning JavaScript that will help you achieve great results quickly and easily. It contains detailed descriptions and many practical exercises. You can use the app any time with your smartphone. This contributes to an optimal learning success.

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Learning to code: Why is JavaScript so popular?

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