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Web development: important additional qualification for every office worker

Nowadays, every company has its own website. Most of the time, ordinary office workers are responsible for maintaining them without any special IT knowledge. This is possible because a content management system (CMS) is now used for most websites. Examples of such systems are Drupal, TYPO3, Joomla and WordPress. CMS a software that allows you to insert content without any coding via a special interface. You just have to insert texts and images. The formatting is then similar to a word processor. Only minimal training is required to use it. Therefore, it can be assumed that every office worker should be able to do this.

Because of this development, many people wonder if it makes sense to take a web development course at all. This course teaches the basics of the most important web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For the maintenance of a website, however, these techniques that are just explained are usually no longer necessary. If you think that a web development course is useless, or only suitable for the design of private websites, you are wrong. Here we will show you why a good knowledge of the web languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is useful for every office worker, despite, or even because of, the ever-increasing use of content management systems.

Do content management systems make HTML knowledge superfluous?

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the foundation of the Internet. All pages use HTML as their foundation. Other technologies like CSS and JavaScript, but also backend languages like PHP, rely on HTML pages. The CMS also uses HTML. This software creates an HTML page from your text and images, which you can then publish on the Internet.

Of course, you can also use the CMS without any knowledge of HTML. However, there are two alternative input interfaces available for all current products, one for the input of ordinary texts and one for the HTML page that is created from them. You can switch between these interfaces with one click. This way you not only see how the CMS has adapted your input, but you can also change or add to the HTML code yourself. If you know this markup language, it gives you even more control over the page. So you can adapt it perfectly to your wishes.

HTML knowledge is also very helpful in terms of search engine optimization. When you design a page, it plays an important role for the search results, in which tags the individual search terms are located. If you know HTML, it is much easier to optimize the page content. This is undoubtedly an additional qualification that your employer will appreciate.

CSS and JavaScript for minor customizations

When using a content management system, you can use different design templates and plugins with different functions. Often there are already some options to choose from, which you can use for free. However, if a site is supposed to represent a company, then it is necessary to develop an individual theme for it that represents it optimally, and stands out from the competition. For this task, a web development course like the one we offer at Code Pirate is not enough. We have to be that honest. However, it does provide an excellent foundation for gaining further knowledge and becoming active in this field later on. That is not what this post is about though. Most companies hire an external web developer for (substitute with the task in question) who designs the entire site. Once this task is done, their own employees take care of maintaining the content.

Now, however, it can happen that small changes are pending that are often very simple and affect only a few lines of code. If your boss turns again to the web design agency for this, an invoice of several hundred euros is usually incurred. So it would be good if one of the office staff has a good basic knowledge of web development to take on this task. This is usually not too complex, so you can probably implement the adjustments with the knowledge you acquire in the frontend web development course without any problems.

Your expert opinion is needed

Basic knowledge in the field of web development makes you a sought-after expert in your company. Even if the company hires an external service provider for the design of its website, it still needs a specialist who supervises the project internally and coordinates the work with the web developers. For this task, basic knowledge of the technologies used is extremely helpful. Your boss will surely count on your expert opinion. From this point of view, the knowledge you acquire in the web development course is also very beneficial for your career.

Knowledge in the field of web development improves career opportunities

The examples in the last sections have shown that even when using a content management system, a good knowledge of web technologies is very helpful. Workers who learn HTML understand the structures of the website much better and it is easier for them to carry out SEO measures. Should they additionally learn CSS and JavaScript, they can also make minor adjustments to the design and features of the site. This makes an expensive external service provider unnecessary. Almost every employer, therefore, appreciates these additional skills. It improves your chances of employment and your salary prospects. You can see that it pays to learn web development.

Your Code Pirate Team

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Web development: important additional qualification for every office worker

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