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With our app, you'll learn programming quickly and easily. Whether you're a beginner or already advanced, discover courses in Java, Python, web development, and more.

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Success stories

This is how our users have
learned to program

Discover how beginners and advanced users alike successfully learn programming with our app. Our community shares their experiences in Java, Python, Swift, and more.

five star rating

Fantastic app for beginners! I had zero experience and often felt overwhelmed. However, with Code Pirate, I easily learned Python. The course is easy to understand, and I can learn whenever I want. Highly recommended!

- Steffi G.


I'm thrilled! As someone who already has some experience in app development, I was looking for a way to expand my skills in Swift. Code Pirate did not disappoint. The quality of the courses is top-notch!

- Marvin L.


Five stars are not enough! This app has made getting into programming so easy for me. I love the flexibility of being able to learn directly on my smartphone. Whether on the train or during lunch break, I can always practice!

- Thomas F.


Your springboard
into the digital world

Choose from a wide range of programming languages and technologies. Shape your future with Code Pirate

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Python is the star in data science and automation. Easy to learn, powerful in application. Your ticket into the world of data and AI.

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Java is ideal for backend and Android apps. From enterprise solutions to mobile phones, it's a secure path for a career in tech.

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Web Development

The triad for web development: HTML for structure, CSS for design, and JavaScript for interaction. Your foundation for any website.

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JavaScript dominates the web. Create interactive websites and dynamic applications. Your first step into frontend development.

Swift logo


Swift is the be-all and end-all for iOS developers. Modern syntax, high performance, and security. Your go-to for all Apple applications.

General Computer Science logo

General Computer Science

From the beginnings of computer history to modern AI: Our course in General Computer Science gives you an all-around view. Ideal for understanding the digital world.

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Allgemein Informatik

Is your technology not listed yet?

Let us know which technology you're missing, and we'll consider the possibility of developing a course for it. Your input matters!

Thank you!


Our features

Tailored to your goals

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Discover what makes Code Pirate unique. Our features are perfectly tailored to help you achieve your individual learning goals.

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Our courses offer textbook-level quality, so you get deep insights and comprehensive knowledge. Perfect for professional development and also for just dipping your toes in with quality.

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Since we offer our content in your native language, learning becomes even easier. A big plus, especially if you need to meet requirements for school or university.

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Ready to get started?


With flexible pricing models and various subscription options, we make it easy for you to start your journey into the digital world. Try all courses for three days for free. Your investment in knowledge pays off.

1 Month

7,99 €

Ideal for getting a taste. Full flexibility, cancelable monthly.

3 Months

19,99 €

More time to learn and save money at the same time. Perfect for beginners.

12 Months

69,99 €

The complete package for serious learners. Best savings for a whole year.

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