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JavaScript (JS for short) is a programming language that allows you to add interactive content and database links to a web page.


Learn JavaScript and design dynamic web pages

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. Its main application is to create dynamic web pages. It is used for millions of Internet presences worldwide. As a result, the demand for JavaScript developers is very high. If you learn JavaScript, your career prospects will improve as will your salary. In addition, you'll be able to navigate the digital world much better if you understand this technology. At Code Pirate, you can learn JavaScript easily and efficiently via our app.

The application possibilities: What can you do with JavaScript?

Before you start a programming course, you're probably asking yourself the question: What can you do with JavaScript?
The original application of JavaScript was to create dynamic web pages. The JavaScript code is embedded in an HTML document. The execution takes place in the browser.
This is referred to as "front-end web development". This is used to integrate interactive functions into the page and to adapt the display and content to the user's actions. This is in contrast to back-end web development, where the programs run on the server and the main purpose is to provide the pages with content via databases.
To this day, frontend web development is by far the most important application area of JavaScript. But over the years some more possibilities have been added. For example, with suitable frameworks, you can also use JavaScript for the back-end web development just mentioned. In addition, there are desktop programs, smartphone apps and other possible applications

Improve your career opportunities with a JavaScript course

By taking a JavaScript course, you improve your career opportunities. It can be the first step to becoming a professional JavaScript developer. But even if you work in another field, JavaScript skills are an important additional qualification. This is helpful if you are in charge of your company's website. Even if you hire an external service provider for this purpose, it is important to understand the basics of this technology in order to select a suitable provider and to be able to evaluate their work.

Learning JavaScript via app - especially easy and effective

If you want to learn JavaScript, you have many different options to choose from. For example, you can learn JavaScript the traditional way by reading a book. There are also several courses, both online and on-site. At Code Pirate, you can learn JavaScript with our app. This offers many advantages. For one, you not only get access to high-quality descriptive texts, but also to many interactive exercises. So you learn the commands easily and effectively. You can learn with your smartphone at any place and take advantage of every little break, leading to faster learning.

No previous knowledge necessary: Learn to program JavaScript

At Code Pirate, you can learn to program with JavaScript without any prior knowledge. The courses start with the basics. Then they teach you the most important commands and techniques step by step. But even if you already have some programming knowledge, our app is an optimal solution for you. With the help of the exercises, you can quickly check and refresh your knowledge - until you reach the topics you haven't dealt with yet.

Code Pirate: earn a certificate and get a head start in your career

When you take a JavaScript course, you will gain extensive knowledge that is very important for your career. However, it's important that you can prove your knowledge to your boss  and the only way to do this is to provide a certificate. If you include this certificate in your application, your new employer will know that you are familiar with the basic aspects of JavaScript. What are you waiting for? Learn JavaScript with Code Pirate now!


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