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Python is a versatile programming language for data analysis, web development, AI, machine learning, microcontrollers and more.

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Learn Python - simply and effectively with an app

Want to learn Python but don't want to read boring books and take courses without any practical applications? Then Code Pirate is the app for you. 

We use the latest technologies to teach you programming languages as efficiently as possible, increasing your knowledge with practical applications while having fun. Learning Python has never been this easy.

Great for beginners!

The inventor of Python, Guido van Rossum, developed this language for use in education. He wanted to create a programming language that was intuitive and simple to understand - which is why Python is a good programming language for for beginners to start with.​

Learn Python from scratch

No previous knowledge or expertise are needed for our courses. 
We will show you exactly where you can download and install the programs needed for Python for free. We also explain the individual commands in detail. As far as possible, we do not use complicated technical terms that will confuse you. If technical terms are unavoidable, we will give you a clear explanation of them. Learning Python from scratch is a breeze with the Code Pirate app

Popular programming language with many applications

Due to its simple language structure, Python is one of the most widely used programming languages. This simple structure makes it easy and quick to learn, making it perfect for beginners. 

Experienced programmers also benefit from this simple language though, as it significantly increases efficiency in programming, making Python the programming language used most often in business.

Another reason for Python's popularity is the language's wide range of applications. Python, though designed to create simple desktop applications, has evolved with multiple frameworks being built that allow for a wide range of other possible applications, including website design, server management, AI applications, and smartphone apps.

The above reasons together with the economics of program development, create a high demand for Python developers globally. Complete your Python course with Code Pirate and discover the possibilities that await you.

Learn Python with an app - the smart way

There are many ways to learn Python: books, online courses, and more. However, with Code Pirate, we offer you the possibility to learn Python with a smartphone app. This way, you always have your course with you and can learn anywhere at any time!
Whether you are on the train to university, sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, or waiting for your friends at the pub, you can make use of the time you generally waste to learn how to code.
Our subject descriptions explain each aspect of the course in detail, and with many practical exercises to reinforce the content, you will be coding like a pro in no time.

How long is the Python course?

That depends on you. If you study only five minutes a day, you need much more time than if you study for an hour. You are free to organize your time as you wish. However, most participants complete the course within eight weeks. You can see that with Code Pirate, you can learn Python easily and quickly.

Learn Python, complete certificate and make a career start

When you have completed the course, you will write an exam. 
If you pass, you will receive the coveted Code Pirate certificate.
Code Pirate is known as the industry leader in coding amongst employers, so having a Python certificate attached to your CV will increase your employment prospects.

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