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These IT occupations are in particularly high demand

It is not easy to find your way in the job market. In the time of global economic instability and the new challenges that are always rolling towards us, it becomes especially important not only to have a good job, but also to pay attention to the current trends and not to neglect the opportunities for further education.

IT is one of the flourishing industries. The IT sector is constantly growing and needs new professionals that market is still not saturated by. This means that in many cases, business owners are fighting to get the professionals of the field, which is very beneficial for the applicants of those positions. One of the best portals to find an attractive job is Jooble. It's also worth thinking about the future. Both the experienced IT professionals and those who are just considering entering the field need to consider which IT jobs have the best prospects in the future.

These jobs are coveted by a wide variety of companies, whether small startups or tech giants. Wages can vary depending on which country you are in, but basically these jobs are some of the best paid in the market.

Software Developer

Software developers are the people who write code and produce various programs or applications. Moreover, programming can be used in other fields such as making operating systems. These professionals are mainly responsible for the technical aspects, but they also have to deal with user experience. In most cases, software developers have their focus on either front-end or back-end applications. For this profession, one needs to have extensive basic knowledge of computer science and software development concepts, and the ability to handle multiple programming languages. The most in demand of them are C++, Python, JavaScript. Other languages and code systems, such as HTML are clearly an advantage. Moreover, communication skills are also important for these professionals. The entrepreneurs prefer to hire people with a degree in computer science, but the smaller companies are also happy to see the career changers after a boot camp.

Data Scientist

A data scientist deals with large volumes of relevant data and uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate and analyze it. Such professionals create the explanatory models based on this data, which are essential for analyzing the markets, and for planning. For this job, one needs a wide range of the skills and qualifications. Apart from basic knowledge of programming and AI, one must also be well versed with statistics and linear algebra, as well as be able to visualize the data and results of the analysis well. To get a job as a data scientist, in most cases, you need a BA degree in computer science, statistics, or mathematics. Also, given the poor economy of the post-pandemic world, the demand for data scientists is expected to grow.

Specialist for artificial intelligence

These professionals are also known as machine learning engineers. The artificial intelligence technologies, already mentioned in this post, need their own manufacturers. These professionals teach machines to function similarly to a human brain. The tasks for AI include recognizing faces or oral language. In addition, there are numerous tasks for the AI. To do these, one needs to use a wide range of different digital tools. Therefore, an artificial intelligence specialist needs to know about Python, NoSQL databases, TensorFlow, and Deep Learning. AI development is a complicated task and employers are mostly looking for people with the relevant MA degree for such jobs.

Site Reliability Engineer

SREs are responsible for ensuring that websites and applications run reliably and smoothly. The duties of SREs include maintaining the existing sites and applications, and building new features, as well as quickly troubleshooting the processes that are already running. The SREs need to be well versed with the Java and Python programming languages in particular. In addition, these professionals need extensive knowledge of operating systems and their management, and a very good knowledge of software development in general. For this job, you need at least a BA degree. Since it involves management of the complex processes, the relevant work experience is also demanded for such jobs.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps stands for Development and Operation. The professionals of this kind deal with the programming and implementation of software systems. Moreover, these people deal with increasing the efficiency and productivity of the existing systems. They also develop automation tools for the digital pipelines. For this profession, one needs the knowledge of Java, Python, and Ruby respectively, and the knowledge of the specific DevOps tools. In addition, you need a BA degree and experience in software development.

IT is a huge industry, and this list is not exhaustive. Almost every company is looking for professionals with concrete experience and qualifications for specific projects. In addition, it should be remembered that any profession in the IT sector also requires a lot of soft skills. The ability to think independently and critically, as well as the ability to communicate with the team, are worthwhile in any profession.

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These IT occupations are in particularly high demand



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