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IDEs vs.Text Editors

You can actually write your code in almost any text editor. This would even be possible in a Windows editor or Mac TextEdit. Of course, in most cases you also want a suitable programming environment with which you can not only write code, but also debug and test it.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment and it is a development environment that allows you to write, test, and debug your code more easily. This includes code completion, better clarity through highlighting, and resource management.

So why would you choose an IDE instead of a simple text editor?

The answer is practicality. For example, imagine you are writing code in any text editor. When your code is ready, you want to run it. However, you can't do this in a text editor without additional software. An IDE, on the other hand, has all the necessary functionality built into one tool to write, test, and debug code.

Now, of course, you may ask why, despite this, the text editor Notepad++ is one of the most widely used tools for programming?

Well, many text editors can be used as a development environment if they allow plugins. For example, if you are working with Notepad++, you can use plugins like DBGP for Notepad++ to install a debugger in the application. You can then run and analyze your code directly in your favorite text editor.

That explains why text editors are so popular because they give you the ability to add features that you need.

With IDEs like Visual Studio and Spyder, it's a little different. Here, these features are already built in and you don't need to install any other programs to start developing. Because of the features that IDEs have to offer, they are extremely useful for development as they make programming more comfortable.

Especially if you are just starting to program, you might ask yourself which tools and development environment you should use. We hope this article could be helpful for you.

Your Code Pirate Team

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IDEs vs.Text Editors

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