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Java is a popular programming language for applications such as apps, games, backend and for many desktop programs.


Learn Java to code exciting application

Though there are many programming languages to choose from, Java remains one of the most popular. Everyday countless new programs are being created using Java and the demand for Java programmers keeps rising. 

At Code Pirate we give you the opportunity to learn the most popular programming languages easily with our app and Java is on the top of that list. Below is an introduction into what makes the Java language the preferred choice of programmers. 

Java: Multiple Application

Java was released in 1995 at the time when the Internet was just becoming popular. It was a modern programming language that implemented many contemporary concepts of computer science, foremost, object-oriented programming.

This language allowed programmers to insert small programs into a page - so called Java applets. These applets made the Internet interactive and dynamic, which led to Java’s enormous success at the time.

Though Java applets are now obsolete, it led to a new important application area: smartphone apps. 

So, if you are interested in programming native Android apps, then Java is the right language for you. Java also offers you the possibility to program desktop programs and many other applications. Learning Java with the Code Pirate app, puts endless possibilities in your hands.

Learn to code with Java

Many beginners ask themselves why they should learn programming with Java when it has a more complicated syntax than a programming language such as Python for example. 

Well, it may not be that easy for beginners to get started with Java but it is the best programming language if you are interested in object-oriented programming.

Java is also a compiled language which not only increases the efficiency of program execution but can already detect program errors during compilation. This makes it easier to write programs without errors. 

It is also characterized by a fixed type system which means that all variables correspond to a fixed type. This is checked with each program which further reduces the susceptibility to errors.

Simplified concepts for optimal learning

We have already mentioned that the structure of the Java programming language is not always easy to understand for beginners. Therefore, we have created detailed yet simplified explanations for all our content - from simple programs for a text output to advanced programming techniques. 

As far as possible, we avoid complicated technical terms that beginners find difficult to understand. If technical terms are unavoidable, we will explain them in detail. 

In addition to the descriptions, we have put together many practical exercises which you can complete to test your understanding of the content and help you memorize it better.

Learn Java with an app

If you want to learn Java, there are many options to choose from - from books to online courses. But with Code Pirate, we teach you programming with an app. 

Learning to program with an app has many advantages, for starters it's easy to get started, as most people have access to smartphones, whereas PCs on the other hand are becoming obsolete in many households. 

The app is also interactive, we have set tasks to complete and will check the answers immediately once you have submitted your answers. When learning Java with Code Pirate, the app therefore gives you immediate feedback. 

In addition, this technology increases the efficiency of learning because you can have access to your course content and study during the time you usually waste - like when waiting on a bus.

Code Pirate: More career opportunities 

Learning Java will open up a world of career opportunities for you. To take full advantage of these opportunities, you need to prove your knowledge with a Code Pirate certificate. Once you have completed the course, you will write an exam. If you answer enough questions correctly, we will issue you a coveted Code Pirate certificate, which you can show to your employer or attach to your application documents. This is a confirmation of your knowledge and will help you in your career.

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